Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: A Year at Revive

Photo Credit: Nicolle Clemetson

2014 was quite a year for Revive Designs, although you may not have known as I was a terrible blogger. Well, I know what my new year's resolution is this year...

It was a year of firsts for myself and the entire Revive Designs crew. We had our first international order, our first wholesale order, our first Pop-Up shop at Rejuvenation, our first piece in The Museum of Contemporary Craft, and our first magazine feature in Portland Monthly. I had my first professional photo shoot, which I must say, was quite a pleasure. Who knew you could get a whole sleeve of graham crackers for just staying in place? We had the opportunity to work with amazingly talented people, who were also exceptional belly scratchers. We fell in love with fabrics, found beautiful projects, and played around with new techniques. We, or should I say Leland, developed a slight sewing machine hoarding problem, but hey!, at least it's a tax write-off.

The team at Revive grew (slightly) and we were able to welcome Chelsea as a full time...wait, what is it you do again? Something behind the scenes, right? Anyways, our crew now consists of Leland, the gorgeously talented Kelly, our music machine Carson, Chelsea and me. It's a pretty full house, but we couldn't ask for a better group of folks. Now if they could all spend a little less time "working" and a little more time rubbing my head.

Speaking of space, we have some exciting news for everyone, which I will get into tomorrow. No, seriously. I will be hosting a series of interviews this coming year "Fridays with Foz", and my first interview will post tomorrow featuring Leland and Chelsea and their big 2015 news. It's exciting, it even has pictures.

Well I stayed up quite late last night, and all this typing has tuckered me out. I'm off to take the first nap of the new year.

Happy New Year.


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