Friday, June 6, 2014

Greetings from the ground floor of Revive Designs! The Summer is just beginning, and the nice people who raise me have told me I have sorely neglected this blog. Well I am back in the mix, with much to say! We have so many exciting things happening in the shop, including a wonderful new line of products (coming soon).

First up:
We had the privilege to have Kiriko come by the shop and share some of their beautiful fabrics.
They were nice enough to write a story on their blog about it. Click on the pic to read more:

In addition to their visit, they inspired some new ideas which I will try to share with you sometime in the next few weeks.

We are so excited to be a part of the upcoming Sunday Emporium at Rejuvenation. It is an exciting opportunity, and while I probably won't be allowed in, I hope you'll join Leland, Chelsea & Kelly on June 29th and see just what Revive has been up to.

With all these exciting new things happening, it's time we say goodbye to a few of our older favorite pieces. Get ready my fine friends, because I'm hearing talk of a stocked up Etsy shop and a flash sale that starts tomorrow morning and lasts all month. I've found my space surrounded by an eclectic variety of pillows, and furniture,all of which I'm not allowed to try out, which just seems cruel as they look ridiculously comfortable.

I'm also trying my paw at social media this year, and you can find me on Instagram @talesfromashopdog and chasing the birds on Twitter @shopdogtales . Follow me and I will make you privy to all that goes on here at the shop.

Wishing you well!