Friday, June 5, 2015

Fridays with Foz: Meet the Intern, Julia Spahle

Hello, it's been a while. I have a lot of excuses for not writing here, but instead let me introduce you to the newest member of the Revive crew: Julia Spahle....

Ms. Julia if you're nasty.

Julia and I like to drink our coffee outside

Julia came to us a few months ago when we moved into our new home in Kenton. Did you hear we moved? Well we did! We moved to 2030 N Willis Blvd, and will be opening a showroom on August 1st. Anyways - Julia! - is pretty amazing and we thought we'd share a little bit about her today in quick rapid fire questionnaire: 

Martini or Champagne: Depends on the occasion but current mood would say Champagne. Add a little absinthe and you have last Saturday night.

Who’s your design icon: Gotta be either Isaac Mizrahi or Alexander McQueen because they are wild and crazy and their flamboyancy is a true expression of themselves...although Mizrahi is kind of a sell out.

South of France or South of Spain: The Moorish beauty of Southern Spain is unparalleled to the lavender fields of southern France. Plus, I’m all about that ham.

Who is your guilty pleasure band: Savage Garden because Justin Bieber is to cool.

Wegner or Eames: Eames because its more fun to say – it pops out of the mouth like a ball of confetti. EAMES! It also makes you sound like a Pokemon when you say it a bunch.

What do you think will be the big trend of 2015: 2015 is almost over. It was all about purple and dyeing your hair blue, which means in 2016 tons of people will have blue hair. Feathers are going to come back full force as well as Desert chic (which is Turquoise jewelry, feathered headbands and big hats). People will be like “I make my own caramel and I douse my own water.” Douse-ing water will be the trend of 2016.

East Coast or West Coast: West Coast is the best coast! Keep your bagels and your snowy winters East Coast – you’re mean. Just Kidding! Jersey Shore for life.

Weird hidden talents: I am an excellent freestyler. I just do it a lot. I'm really good at jingles. I’m always singing things off the top of my head and people will ask me if they are songs. I’m also really good at getting free stuff.

Tack Hammer or Tack Gun: Tack Hammer…I’m a traditionalist.

Why’d you want to intern Revive: Because I like smelling leather and they (the people at Revive) are really nice and when I met you Fozzie, for the first time, I knew our lives were meant to be entwined.

Julia may just be my favorite person yet.