Monday, December 1, 2014

The week of the "Well-Worn" "Luxe" Bazaar

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday, I know I did. Nothing better than laying beneath a table full of happy, thankful, clumsy people eating turkey. We took a couple of days off to enjoy visiting family, and long walks, but are back in the shop....and it looks like we may never leave. Leland is in deep preparation for this weekends fourth annual Portland Bazaar.

Leland and crew have created two unique collections to showcase at this years Bazaar. "Well-Worn" is an homage to Leland's love of vintage and "Luxe" is a new foray into awesomeness - well at least that's how he describes it.  The "Well-Worn" collection uses vintage canvases, wool, and distressed leathers to create a downtown vibe, while "Luxe" will feature velvets, and suedes for a more uptown feel. They all seem really excited about the new pieces, but I don't think we'll be leaving the shop at all this week. So if anyone wants to come and meet me for a walk, just let me know.

I'll try to get a few sneak peaks up before the Bazaar.